Technology – The Boon or The Curse or A Misunderstanding?

They said that there will be flying cars in 2020. Forget flying, you can’t even drive a car on the road now without facing the risk of being exposed to the deadly #CoronaVirus. Although this virus originated in the far off Wuhan province of China, it wasted no time in spreading to hundreds of countries & claiming the lives of thousands. The Spanish Plague, from a century back, might have been just as devastating, but it definitely wasn’t as global in its nature as the current pandemic. There has been documentation of people evacuating cities & towns during the plague, but now, there is nowhere to escape to! The reason being very simple – the infected ‘carriers’ didn’t have the option of ‘boarding a flight’ & transporting the virus to different parts of the globe. So is it wrong to think that the very technology & its advancements, which has been the primary weapon helping us in this #FightAgainstCorona, might also be the reason for why we have such a gigantic problem in the first place? Or is it the way that we humans have used this technology, that needs to be blamed?

Tell me honestly, have we ever, even once, at least attempted, to read the complete ‘Terms & Conditions’ before clicking on ‘I Agree’? We can’t wait to get started with everything without completely understanding what we are getting into. From where I stand, I see the same pattern in the #Covid19 crisis as well. All the warnings were there, but as always, we ignored the ‘Terms & Conditions’ & what’s worse, we continue to do so! While the hashtag #StayHomeStaySafe is trending all over Social Media, so are the videos of people blatantly ignoring the need of #SocialDistancing. We need to realise that ignorance is not a bliss anymore & make mends to our thoughts & mindset.

Over the centuries, technology has progressed leaps & bounds. There was a time when people illegally dug up graves & dissected the bodies just to understand human anatomy. Now, thanks to technology achievements like #Teleconsultation, Doctors can safely counsel & diagnose a patient, over just a call.

While technology continues to evolve to help the humankind, have we stopped evolving ourselves? There is only one hashtag that comes to my mind when I think of this – #FacePalm (Oh wait, we are not supposed to touch our face often. It’s not safe!)

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