No more live watching sports in stadiums?

There’s nothing quite like going to a stadium, smelling the popcorn and peanuts, and watching a sports game in person. The barrier of entry to enjoy a live game is too high. Watching sports at stadiums is one of the most thrilling experiences for any true sports fan.

Remember the long queues just so that we could watch our favorite cricketers or footballers live in action in front of our very own Chinnaswamy Stadium or the Kanteerava stadium in Bangalore? The audience, the crazy enthusiastic supporters, all the optimistic vibes and traffic jams that just don’t seem to pass during the IPL Season or the football season, but have enjoyed it because of the excitement anyway?

Games in front of empty seats. It is something we have basically only seen abroad — up until now. Today, in the wake of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, Sports fans are totally dependent on Live- streaming technology, but is the enthu the same?

Sports leagues around the world are struggling to cope with an unprecedented public health threat. Most sports have effectively stopped. And presently, the question facing every league is the same: How can we restart, and when we do, how will we have to operate differently to be safe?

As mainstream sports begin to return during the coronavirus pandemic, social distancing will be vital. Filling a stadium to capacity would be reckless and probably lethal. At the same time, that barren game five years ago raises doubts about whether sports can fully sustain our devotion, or maintain their television audiences, if played for many weeks or months in front of empty seats.

The momentum toward most pro sports playing in venues with fans watching them seems to be a long-time dream. However, as we have seen countless times over the course of the coronavirus pandemic, the virus has surprised us. Stay tuned!

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